Homemade Egg Dye from Beets (and Other Fruits and Vegetables)

If you don’t have natural food coloring around (we often don’t) you can also use random fruits, veggies, and herbs to accomplish the same thing. We tried this a few years ago and will be getting back to it this year.

Below are the foods that can be added to boiling water when cooking eggs to make various colors. You can also juice or boil the ingredients, cool, add vinegar and use as a regular egg dye:

  • Blue Coloring: Add a cup of purple cabbage to the water when boiling the eggs.
  • Green Coloring: Add a cup of spinach or a few teaspoons of spirulina to the boiling water. Can also juice greens, mix the juice with vinegar, and use as a cool dye once eggs have already been cooked.
  • Red/Pink Coloring: Pomegranate or beet juice added to the boil water. Can also put a couple tablespoons of vinegar in pomegranate or beet juice and use on pre-cooked eggs as a cool dye.
  • Purple Coloring: Add grape juice to boil water or soak pre-cooked eggs in grape juice/vinegar mix.
  • Yellow/Orange Coloring: Add a few teaspoons of turmeric or saffron to the boil water, or boil these spices in water, cool, and mix with vinegar for a cool dye.

Some notes: These natural variations make natural, pastel colored eggs which I think are more beautiful than the neon eggs created by the artificial colors. Just a warning though, you won’t be getting any florescent shades with these methods!

(Article credit: https://wellnessmama.com)

Angie Williams