Before Your Appointment

After your appointment is made, we will send you an email from with a link for you to select and create a username and password for the portal. This is an important tool for us to communicate with you and remain HIPAA compliant. It is important for you to keep your username and password for future communication. 

Through this portal you will be asked to fill out multiple questionnaires. Your responses will be used to compile your health history and prepare the doctor for your appointment. 

Please fax (317-942-0559) any current lab work (within one year) and any hospitalization records (within 2 years) prior to your appointment. 

You will be asked to list medications and supplements in the portal, but we also ask that you bring them with you. 


  • Set up OnPatient portal 

  • Fill out all questionnaires on the portal 
  • Request current (within 1 year) lab work to be faxed (317-942-0559)
  • Request hospitalization (within 2 years) records be faxed (317-942-0559)
  • Bring supplements/medications with you to your appointment 

Your appointment will last 1-2 hours. The doctor will review your health history, go over any significant findings, and look over your current supplements. Any necessary lab tests or diagnostic testing will be ordered. The doctor will perform an examination, take your vitals and determine a plan. 

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